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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:July 19 2000 2:40pm
Subject:Re: Using arrays to grab data out of Mysql
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This is not a MySQL problem.  It is a Perl/CGI problem.  When in doubt read 
the documentation.  The CGI manual states that the -default parameter takes 
any string value.  You are passing an array so only the first item in the 
array is actually passed to the textarea function.
my @arrinstr=();
my $list="";
while (@arrinstr = $sth4->fetchrow)
$list.="$csec   $ctitle  $cdes $ccredit  $cschdays $ctimein-$ctimeout\n";
print $query->textarea ({-name=>'INFO', -default=>$list,-cols=>'35', 

Note the end of line included each time in $list.  This is necessary 
otherwise the textarea would just have 1 long string and would wrap at the 
wrong places.

>Is there a way that I can fill Mysql info into a Textarea in Perl-CGI
>I am trying the following and can only print one line - but I know I
>have  three lines of data:
>my $sth4 = $dbh->prepare("select
>sec,title,des,credit,schdays,timein,timeout from table where
>done=\"No\" ") or bail_out("Cannot Connect");
>my @arrinstr=();
>while (@arrinstr = $sth4->fetchrow)
>$list = "$csec   $ctitle  $cdes $ccredit  $cschdays
>#push (@arrlist, $list);
>print "<tr><td>";
>print $query->textarea ({-name=>'INFO', -default=>@arrlist,-cols=>'35',
>-------->  The output looks like this 006   Print Making  MC 3  W
>Can anyone help shed light on this crazy array problem?  All I want is
>to print this info in a textarea so that the user
>can scroll up and down through the data.  I can get it to print to the
>page fine but not in the textarea.?  Thought I could use
>the push command to add the other lines of data but it didn't seem to
>Question about permissions:  Is it true that when you create a user in
>the mysql mysql database that you should set all
>permission statements, such as select, update etc.  to "N"  and then in
>the database table when you link the user to a database - this is where
>you would allow the selected permissions for functions like select and
>update?  Basically, we create a blank user with no username or password
>and then set all permissions to "Y" in the user table of mysql.  Then we
>linked that user to the test database.  So at the command line that user
>could go into the database test, but could also go into all the other
>To solve this we set all permission statement for the user with no
>username or password to "N" in the user table.
>Is this correct??
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