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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 3 1999 5:54am
Subject:Table Handler Error 134
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>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Montamte <cjm@stripped>
> writes:

Charles> I'm trying to modify a table with ALTER and get the messaga "mysql returned
Charles> the following message Got error 134 from table handler.

Charles> How do I find out what error 134 is.  The documention says that I should
Charles> have gotten a program called perror which gives the text or errors.  I did
Charles> not get such a program. (I downloaded the windows version).

Charles> I've searched all documentation and every site I could find that deals with
Charles> mysql and cannot find a list of errocodes and what they mean.

Charles> Does someone know where such a list exists?

Charles> or How I get perror for use under windows ?

Charles> What error 134 means?

Charles> Thanks

It seams that we have forgot to include perror with the windows
version; I shall fix this in the next MySQL -Win32 distribution.

dos> perror 134
Record was already deleted (or record file crashed)

Which MySQL version did you use and can you reproduce this error?

You can fix the above table by using:

mysqladmin flush-tables
isamchk -r \mysql\data\database\table-name

Table Handler Error 134Michael Widenius3 Jun
Re: Table Handler Error 134Charles Montante4 Jun