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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 3 1999 6:12am
Subject:How and when...
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>>>>> "Jon" == Jon Frisby <jfrisby@stripped> writes:

Jon> How good is the performance of inner joins (3.23.0), and when, if ever, will
Jon> sub-selects be supported?

Inner joins works good in most MySQL versions;  Sub selects is planed
for 3.23.2.

Jon> Are there plans to support read/write replication?  Or even just read-only
Jon> replication?  If so, when?

Because of higher demand (at least from paying customers) we will
implement a simple one way replication before implementing sub selects.

Jon> Are there plans to improve the performance of left outer joins on > 2
Jon> tables?

What problems do you have with left outer joins with > 2 tables?
(There is a couple of optimizations of this on my TODO, but the
current implementation is usually quite fast)

Jon> Thanks!

Jon> Jon Frisby, Senior Technology Engineer
Jon> BrainPower - "Jobs for Smart People"

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