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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 3 1999 3:44am
Subject:Re: Export/import
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>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Mack <Mack@stripped> writes:

Christian> Peter Hicks wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I've tried in vain to get a simple, straightforward, command or script
>> to dump the contents (data, and table structures) from a MySQL
>> database on one server, to a text file, and then to re-create the
>> database on another sever.
>> Using mysql_dump and mysqlimport doesn't seem to work reliably -
>> mysql_dump doesn't appear to escape all special characters, so I
>> get a whole host of errors when importing.
>> Can someone point me in the direction of a script to do this?
>> Cheers,
>> Peter.

Christian> Hi Peter

Christian> mysqldump does escape all special characters, but a tab is not considered a
> special character. As mysqlimport per default uses tab delimited columns you can have
> problems on reading strings (not only BLOB's) with tabs inside.


If you use mysqldump with --tab, tab characters should be escaped by
the the MySQL server.  If you don't use --tab, then tabs shouldn't
need to be escaped.

Can either of you send me a complete test that doesn't work?

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