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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 3 1999 3:06am
Subject:Using MyODBC to Access SQLBASE
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>>>>> "gbeymk" == gbeymk Yoke Meng Kim <gbeymk@stripped> writes:

gbeymk> Hi !

gbeymk> My company just bought a database management system. It is using SQLBASE.
gbeymk> I wanted to extract data from this SQLBASE and import to mysql.
gbeymk> I had read the document at MySQL site and realised that MyODBC might be
gbeymk> able
gbeymk> to talk to SQLBASE.

gbeymk> Anyone successfully connected to SQLBASE using MyODBC ?
gbeymk> Is this the best way to communicate with SQLBASE ?

gbeymk> Any package to access SQLBASE from RedHat Linux ?


You can't use MyODBC to connect to SQLBASE; If you know Perl, you can
probably use the 'copy-db' script that comes with the MySQL source
distribution to copy data from SQLBASE to MySQL (assuming SQLBASE has
a own ODBC driver).

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