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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 2 1999 11:11pm
Subject:recovery after delete
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>>>>> "Keki" == Keki Balazs <keki@stripped> writes:

Keki> Hi,
Keki> I have accidentally deleted a table (made a delete from table), but 
Keki> successfully saved the files from /var/lib/mysql containing the table's 
Keki> data (.ISM, .ISD)
Keki> I tried to recover the deleted rows with isamchk, which finds the ~375000 
Keki> deleted rows int he files, but does not recover it, only finishes the 
Keki> deletion, leaving no rows in the table.
Keki> Is there a way to recover the data stored in these files?


Do you mean that you have a copy of the .ISM, .ISD files AFTER the

In this case things are not that good;  If the table is fixed row size
table, you may be able to recover everything expect the 4 first bytes
in each row.  If the table uses dynamic row sizes, things are much

You can check this with:  isamchk -dv table_name:

For fixed row size tables, you will find the row:
'Record format: Fixed length' in the output from isamchk.

If you can live without the 4 first bytes of each row, please mail me 
and I will try to help you recover some of the data.

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