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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 3 1999 12:36am
Subject:Re: How is it?
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>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Faucette <jimf@stripped> writes:

Jim> Quang D. Nguyen wrote:
>> On Sat, 29 May 1999, Paul DuBois wrote:
>> >
>> > What result are you expecting?
>> 0000-00-00 like if you insert .. values ('1999-12-35');
>> How do you think about that? If MySQL do not able to manage this problem,
>> how can it manage the Y2K-t? I think this is more simple than other.

Jim> Data entry exception coding is not the same as the Y2K storage issue. 

Jim> I do agree that MySQL's handling of date entries is not consistant. The
Jim> developers' position is that exception coding should be the users
Jim> responsibility. If MySQL did NO date range checks on date entries
Jim> (instead of the few it does now), then maybe this question would stop
Jim> being asked so often.

Jim> So 19991299 would be accepted just as 19990231 is now.

The problem is that MySQL can't store dates with day > 31

MySQL store date columns packed as follows:

day:   5 bits   Possible values: 0-31
month: 4 bits;  Possible values: 0-15
year:  14 bits; Possible values 0-9999

This is saved in a 24 bit integer. This make it impossible to store
any wrong date;  MySQL only checks that the day <= 31 and month <= 12
to ensure that one doesn't get completely wrong dates because of the
above packing.

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