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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 3 1999 12:27am
Subject:prob w/timestamp after upgrading glibc from 2.1.1-5 to higher
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>>>>> "bali" == bali  <bali@stripped> writes:

>> Description:
bali> 	after upgrading glibc (on a debian potato system) to 2.1.1-6,
bali> update table set timest=19990101100101 doesn't work. usually sets the field
bali> to zeroes (Rows matched: 1  Changed: 1  Warnings: 1). I tried to recompile
bali> mysql, even 3.22.22 with libc 2.1.1-6 and 2.1.1-9 (final 2.1 release) but
bali> nothing changed. With quotes around the value it's fine, but we use MyODBC
bali> to connect to the server and it also fails updating any timestamp values.

bali> MyODBC settings are: Don't optimize col width, Allow BIG results, Pad char to
> full
bali> length. 

bali> Any solutions?

bali> Is it just an incompatible glibc change? 

This sounds like a glibc bug.

Any change you can debug this for me?

Check the MySQL manual section 'How to debug the MySQL server'.

Put a break point at:


Like this:

shell> gdb mysqld
gdb>   break Field_timestamp::fill_and_store
gdb>   run

# Execute your update
# When mysqld stops do:

gdb>  step
gdb>  back

And mail the result from the above!

prob w/timestamp after upgrading glibc from 2.1.1-5 to higherbali29 May
  • prob w/timestamp after upgrading glibc from 2.1.1-5 to higherMichael Widenius3 Jun