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From:Jim Faucette Date:June 2 1999 8:31pm
Subject:Re: UDF: valid_date
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Other optional arguments have been added. MAX_DAYS, USE_LAST_DAY, and
USE_LAST_TIME. These options should handle most of the recent requests
for added date functionality.

> Uploaded to:
> Requires one argument (date, date time, int, or string of ints)
>   Minimum input is YYMMDD
> Optional argument FORMAT_RETURN
> Return value:
>   If all the elements of the date and time are in the proper range for
>   the given year and month then the input is returned. Otherwise NULL
>   is returned.
>   Additionally if the argument is numeric or a numeric string and
>   FORMAT_RETURN is the 2nd argument, then the 1st argument is returned
>   with standard MySQL formatting.
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