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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 2 1999 8:01pm
Subject:Re: opinons? slowest practical myODBC connection
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efrazier@stripped wrote:
> Hi,
> What do you think? Is it pratical to work on large tables using myODBC if
> you are using a modem connection? Does it make a big difference if you, for
> example use an intial SQL statement on connect to filter out records and
> then view records entry by entry. Could you use the LIMIT SQL statment to do
> that?  It seems that with Access 95 and myODBC I download only what I am
> viewing, so it would seem to make sence that you could deal with a slow
> connection buy using say a form view instead of a table view. Does that make
> sence? Does this kind of action in Access have anything to do with ODBC
> cursors? I don't really know what a cursor is, but I am guessing it is when
> you move through a record set by rows, make bookmarks etc.
> Thanks, I am really getting excited about myODBC, very cool stuff. You guys
> are just gods!
> Eric

If your connection is slow you want to write queries in
such a way that they produce the minumum amount of
results, as the results will be sent back to you. The
idea is that your client just looks at the results,
that's all. All the processing must be done on the
server. However there are times when this would not
work, for example if you want to see everything in a

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