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From:Adrian Phillips Date:July 13 2000 1:40pm
Subject:Re: locking tables
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>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Hall <rhall@stripped> writes:

    Robert> I recently inherited a MySQL database when a coworker left
    Robert> the company. When I looked into maintenance procedures, I
    Robert> discovered that the database is being backed up nightly by
    Robert> a crontab file that triggers a script. The script has the
    Robert> following two lines in a for loop: isamchk -eiv
    Robert> /path/$i/*.ISM > /path/$i-ismcheck.log ; mysqldump -u
    Robert> <login> -p <adgangsord> $i > /path/$i.dump; The
    Robert> skip_locking variable is set to ON.

I believe mysqlhotcopy does some of what he above does. See how it
does it and modify it or write your own version.


Adrian Phillips

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