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From:Christian Mack Date:June 2 1999 5:58pm
Subject:Re: TRANSFORM alternative
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Steve Ruby wrote:
> I am evaluating mySQL as a replacement to a set of Access97 databases, the
> application has serveral TRANSFORM ... PIVOT queries.  Is there a way to
> do this in a query with the mySQL language rather than having to code it
> after the query.
> I think this type of query may be a Microsoft odity so incase you don't
> know what it does, basically I need to not get my result like this
> 1999/04/01 Line1
> 1999/04/01 Line2
> Where line! and line2 come from the same column.
> I need them like this
> 1999/04/01 Line1 Line2
> where line1 and line2 appear as separate columns although they came from
> the same one and they are group by their relation to some other column, a
> date in this case.
> Can I do this with a query, or do I have to get the first result and code
> the rearangement in the application?
> thsnks for any help
> Steve Ruby

Hi Steve

You have to do this in your application.


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