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From:Christian Mack Date:June 2 1999 5:37pm
Subject:Re: MySQLAdmin Password Trouble
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"Andrew J. Talbot" wrote:
> I am running MySQL as supplied with the SuSE 6.0 distribution of
> Linux and it reports version 6.9 distribution 3.21.33b.
> When I installed MySQL, I ran, as root, the command:-
>    mysqladmin password 'xyz'
> Around that time, as now, I got the following error messsage:-
>    mysqladmin: unable to change password; error: 'parse error near
> 'password' at line 1'
> ... although, I must have succeeded, because it set the requested
> password.  However, because I want to let Linux shut MySQL
> down automatically when it shuts down, I want to remove the root
> password.
> Mysqladmin seems to respond to other commands, OK.  Does
> anybody know what might be wrong, please?
> thanks,
> -- Andy Talbot.

Hi Andy

The 'mysqladmin password' command is not available for version 3.21.33b.
If you need this feature, then you have to upgrade to at least 3.22.11 I think.

What makes you believe that the password has changed?


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