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From:Adrian Phillips Date:July 11 2000 1:27pm
Subject:Re: Losing connection with MySQL
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>>>>> "Lael" == Lael Heinig <lael@stripped> writes:

    Lael> I am running a multi-threaded program using perl 5.6.0 and
    Lael> the Thread module.  Each thread is responsible for
    Lael> retrieving some information from the db.  After some time,
    Lael> my connection to MySQL consistently dies.  This is the error
    Lael> that I get:

    Lael> DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Lost connection to MySQL
    Lael> server during query at line 1116 thread 8.

    Lael> Here is the code at that location:

    Lael>   $sth = $this->{_dbh}->prepare ( $sqlStmt ) ; $rv =
    Lael> $sth->execute () ;

    Lael> Are there some limitations that MySQL has (or Perl) that I
    Lael> am not aware of?  Any ideas of what I should look for?

    Lael> Thanks.

Are you using a thread safe mysql lib ? (ie. configure has been run


Adrian Phillips

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