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From:Johan Engström Date:June 2 1999 6:07am
Subject:Re: searches by groups of..
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> The question is, does a temporary table need to be created, or can
> I create an index on the existing table to serve this purpose. As many
> people will be accessing, surely an index accessed by one person is
> different than the one needed for the next.

You could just create an results table, which has for instance ResultID and
ResultRow as a key. You store all result-data (e.g. indexes to found rows,
names of data-pages, .. anything) in this table. Then on sequential calls
to see different pages in the result you just fetch the data from this table
using the proper ResultID and possibly from other real-data tables using
keys stored as data in the result-table. Of course another place for
optimization can be found when looking at the fact, that two users might
issue exactly the same query and thus it could be argued that you should
look up the answers using the query as an indexing field. Anyway I don't
think you are going to need this kind of an approach if you aren't
some worldwide ultra high-traffic site.

Lastly you should have a mechanism that marks result-datasets as old
after a certain amount of time not used, so that you can either delete or
re-use the ResultIDs in question.



> Does a separate index need to be cleaned up/dropped? Should it be
> rendomly named and then a cron'd mechanism looks for old stuff (table
> name=dte) and scraps it? How would you associate one user (out of many)
> request from another simultaneous and different query?
> Sorry if this becomes either rudimentary or tutorial, but it seems
> that most here are sealing with large amounts of information and
> sorting/searching/ and making a useful user interface. I would think the
> topic is valid, no?
> Thanks again for the responses!!!
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