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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 7 2000 6:05pm
Subject:Re: Common database tables
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At 1:43 PM -0400 7/7/00, Mike Chartier wrote:
>I am looking into consolidating my company's various databases 
>(using MySQL, of
>course). The design I want to use has a common set of tables and for business
>reasons (some of which are even practical) I cannot put everything into the
>same database.
>Is there a way to include tables from one MySQL database into another MySQL
>I thought of creating symbolic links between them but it was pointed out to me
>that the server probably does a significant amount of cacheing that may cause
>problems. I don't expect these common tables to change much so we 
>can shut down
>and restart the server whenever we change the common database (also the
>permissions will deny any attempt to change the common tables without going
>through the common database).
>Are there any other concerns that I may not be aware of?

MySQL allows you to reference tables from multiple databases in a single
query.  Is there some reason this isn't sufficient for you to be able to
do what you want?  You could, for example, put the common tables into
a separate database, and reference that database from each application
that needs its tables.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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