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From:Vivek Khera Date:June 1 1999 6:42pm
Subject:Re: recovery after delete
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>>>>> "KB" == Keki Balazs <keki@stripped> writes:

If you have the exact same "CREATE TABLE" statement for that table,
then yes.

1) do the create table.
2) shutdown mysql.  move the ISD file in place over the old one
3) run "isamchk -r" on it

That should do it.

KB> Hi,
KB> I have accidentally deleted a table (made a delete from table), but 
KB> successfully saved the files from /var/lib/mysql containing the table's 
KB> data (.ISM, .ISD)
KB> I tried to recover the deleted rows with isamchk, which finds the ~375000 
KB> deleted rows int he files, but does not recover it, only finishes the 
KB> deletion, leaving no rows in the table.
KB> Is there a way to recover the data stored in these files?

KB> keki

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