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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 6 2000 2:34pm
Subject:Re: MYSQL WEBSITE.......Reg.-Windows
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In the last episode (Jul 06), Colin Faber said:
> Tonu Samuel wrote:
> > Vinod wrote:
> > > Why is that you guys have not listed windows section under
> > > download > OS Specific? Where now do we get the binary for
> > > windows?

The "OS Specific" section is for patches to the OS to get mysql to run,
not for the server binaries themselves.  Go to "Download / Mysql
database / Mysql 3.23" for server binaries.
> That doesn't seem very GPL ?

Note that the GPL does not force companies to build binaries for every
platform under the sun.  It only forces companies to provide source.
Be thankful the Mysql developers have spent the time to build a Windows
binary just for you.

	Dan Nelson
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