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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 6 2000 3:18am
Subject:Re: MySQL 3.23.21 released
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In the last episode (Jul 05), Daevid Vincent said:
> > And why is MySQL 3.21 the 'previous stable Release' ... ??
> I noticed that just now when you pointed it out...
> hmmm. I dunno then. Usually people do follow a version convention
> like I mention. Look at the Linux Kernels for example...

I think Linux is one of the exceptions.  Most of the other version
trees I've seen look like Mysql's, where you have multiple code
branches active simultaneously, usually the "old stable", the "stable",
and "development" branches.  As the "development" branch gets more
stable, or if a radical change needs to be made to the source,
"development" gets renamed "stable", and a new "development" branch is

At the moment, 3.21 is the "old stable".  The tree is basically dead. 
People may still use it (we do :), but are strongly encouraged to use

3.22 is the "stable" branch.  Development has pretty much stopped, but
if a bug is serious enough, it will get fixed.

3.23 is the "development" branch, where most of the coding happens. 
People are encouraged to play with it, but also are told not to be
surprised if there are major problems.

Eventually, 3.23 will lose its "alpha" status and become the new
"stable" branch, and 3.24 will be created.

	Dan Nelson
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