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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 5 2000 4:18am
Subject:Re: PHP-Perl-modPerl-MySQL Discussion!!!!!!!!!!
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At 9:01 PM -0700 2000-07-04, J C Lawrence wrote:
>On Tue, 04 Jul 2000 21:45:59 -0600
>Colin Faber <cfaber@stripped> wrote:
>>  Uh oh im going to get in trouble saying this but here goes. Every
>>  test i've run against PHP vs perl has shown the two are neck and
>>  neck with speed when programmed correctly for a web environment,
>I take a simple view: My time is worth more than the machines or
>their upgrades used to serve the relevant sites.  Therefore I
>repsect my clients by using the tools which are reasonable for the
>task at hand and with which I am productive.  This lowers their cost
>for a reasonable product, and delivers a satisifed client (and his
>cheque) to me more quickly.

What criteria do you use to decide which tools are reasonable
for the task at hand?

Just curious.

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