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From:Zderadicka Jan - IN Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:Problem with REPLACE
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 Hi !

I have a problem when trying to make a SELECT with REPLACE.

I have a text with email addresses and I would like to make them 
active. It means to rewrite them to HTML language.

Consider text: "Hello, my address is go@stripped and you can use it".
==== >
which I would like to change to:

"Hello, my address is <A HREF="mailto: go@stripped">go@stripped</A>"

I decided to use the syntax:

SELECT REPLACE($text, $mail, $newmail) where $text is the variable 
which includes the plain text and email addresses, $mail is the 
concrete mail I am searching (e.g. go@stripped)  and $newmail stands 
for email writen in HTML language. (<A HREF... etc.).

Unfortunately this syntax does not work. But probably not because of 
the syntax itself, but because Mysql can't replace the previous email 
with HTML language. The problem is with "<" and ">" characters.

Do you know, how to replace any text with the combination of "<>" 
characters ? These characters are not consider as special I think and 
that's why I think quoting with "\" is not needed.

I am using PHP to get to Mysql database.

John Zderadicka
Problem with REPLACEZderadicka Jan - IN17 Mar
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