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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 2 2000 12:13am
Subject:Re: Manual error?
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At 2:38 PM -0700 2000-06-30, Dennis Gearon wrote:
>The ',' in the line that reads "from order,customer" should be a '.'

No, that indicates a join, that is, a select that pulls rows from
two different tables (order and customer).  The rows are matched
by comparing the custid column in each table and the matching
rows are used to create the result set.

>MySQL has extended the use of GROUP BY. You can use columns or
>calculations in the SELECT
>expressions which don't appear in the GROUP BY part. This stands for any
>possible value for this group.
>You can use this to get better performance by avoiding sorting and
>grouping on unnecessary items. For
>example, you don't need to group on in the following
>mysql> select order.custid,,max(payments)
>        from order,customer
>        where order.custid = customer.custid
>        GROUP BY order.custid;
>In ANSI SQL, you would have to add to the GROUP BY clause.
>In MySQL, the name is
>redundant if you don't run in ANSI mode.
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