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From:Vivek Khera Date:May 31 1999 2:23pm
Subject:Re: emailing multiple checkbox results
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>>>>> "RP" == Robert Pruitt <RPruitt@stripped> writes:

MySQL doesn't do email.  I think you'll need to find a different tool
than a database to do that.

RP> Hi,
RP> I have a form, a portion of which reads, '<input type=\"checkbox\"
RP> name=\"order[]\" value=\"$number -- $description\" unchecked>

RP> My backend script retrieves and displays this data like this --
RP> $partcount = count($order);
RP>              reset($order);
RP>              for ($i = 0; $i < $partcount; $i++){
RP>                $key = key($order);
RP>                $val = $order[$key];

RP> echo $val . "<BR>";
RP>                next($order);
RP>              }
RP> Everything works very nicely.

RP> I'd also like to email the results. This is where I'm lost.

RP> Assistance appreciated.

RP> Robert

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