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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 28 2000 5:56pm
Subject:mysql aborting
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>>>>> "Maribel" == Maribel  <mmarco@stripped> writes:

Maribel> Hello,

Maribel> I am trying to install mysql-3.23.17-alpha-pc-linux-gnu-i686.tar.gz over
> redHat 6.2. 
Maribel> When I run configure, the tables are successfully created, but the safe_mysql
> daemon dies just after being launched, and I obtain the following message error in de
> /data/my_host file:

Maribel> mysql started
Maribel> Please, read "Security" section of the manual to find out how to run mysqld as
> a root!
Maribel> Aborting

Maribel> However, I am running as a root!

Did you start mysqld as follows:

mysqld --user=root ?

If not, please try the above!

Maribel> Could you give me any advice?  Thanks in advance


PS: Note that there was a bug in the client/server protocol in the
    MySQL 3.23.17 version, so I would recommend you to upgrade it to
    3.23.19 !
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