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From:Marc Antony Vose Date:June 28 2000 8:20am
Subject:Re: Access'97 and mysql...
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>i mean i just ftp'd it to the linux pc and copied it to the default
>database path of mysql ...
>the first thing i found was the .isd and .ism files  have extensions as
>in uppercase letters in linux but lowercase/uppercase in win98 ....
>even after changing to proper filename ... i am unable to access the
>database ....
>this is the error ...
>mysql> use mysqldata #this is the name of my database...
>Reading table information for completion of table and column names
>You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A
>Didn't find any fields in table 'data'
>Database changed
>what des this mean .....????

hi there...

i just moved from redhat linux for intel to linuxppc on a power 
macintosh.  i experienced the same problems you did.

reading around in the manual, i finally came across the answer:

the database files themselves are not portable across platforms (or 
in my case, not even portable across different compiles of basically 
the same linux variant).

therefore, to move your files from windows to linux, i suggest you do 
the following:

(1)  use the mysqldump program (is that on the windoze version?) to 
export your entire database into a .sql file  [read the instructions 
in the manual in the section about "command line utilities"]

(2)  ftp that file (as text) to your linux box

(3)  create the database in mysql on the linux box

(4)  do "mysql databasename < dbfile.sql -u username -p" from the commandline.

mysqldump simply creates a text file of your entire database, with 
create table statements and everything.  it's also useful as a backup 
mechanism, especially since the db files are somehow binary-tied to 
the operating system.

why the hell is that, anyway?  why can't they just be 
like...say...photoshop files and transport anywhere?


Marc Antony Vose

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