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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 30 1999 5:55pm
Subject:Re: Install problem - no configure
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At 9:07 AM -0700 5/30/1999, Bob Bowker wrote:
>Hi --
>With apologies up front for what is probably something really simple I'm
>overlooking ... I'm trying to install MySQL from source (for the first time
>- I've always used rpm before).
>   PP200
>   Linux RH 5.2
>   Apache 1.3.6, PHP3.07 (both from source)
>   mysql-3_21_33c-pc-linux-gnu-i686_tar.gz
>The file unzips and untars fine, but in the mysql_(version) subdir, there's
>no configure script ... nor in any subdirs under that.  Do I have a bad
>download ...?  Or is there something basic I'm just not groking on this one?

You're not trying to install from source, you've grabbed a precompiled
binary distribution.  Source distributions don't have any platform
into in the name.  You want just mysql-3.xx.yy.tar.gz, where 3.xx.yy is
the version number.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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