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From:Marc Antony Vose Date:June 27 2000 10:40am
Subject:Re: inserting data from file
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At 9:32 AM +0200 6/27/00, Jorn Meijers wrote:
>This is I think a very simple question:
>I have a file (queries.sql) with over 1500 "insert" queries.
>What is the fastest way to execute all these queries?

unless i'm mistaken, you can do something like (from the command line):

/path/to/mysql databasename < ./queries.sql -u username -p

i know the above works with sql dumps created with mysqldump (for the 
purposes of backups and moving across platforms).

you might want to dupe the existing db and try it on that first.


Marc Antony Vose

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