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From:CNE Adam N. Thompson Date:May 30 1999 3:51am
Subject:Re: SPAM: 64bit JFS 4 Linux
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SGI's press release *implies* that they will only be releasing a
"32-bit" version of XFS as open source.  It is not at all clear whether
or not that refers to the fact that the code is not 64-bit-clean, or
whether there is in fact some *difference* in the 64-bit version that
exists in IRIX v6.

I strongly suspect that we will see RedHat's JFS somewhat sooner than
XFS.  Based on experience with IRIX, XFS is just as susceptible to
corruption as the popular ext2fs.  I just lost an entire server because
of a poorly-seated SCSI cable; it came off while the system was running
and I no longer have a filesystem on /d2.  xfs_repair did about as good
a job as running SCANDISK under DOS.  *sigh*
(Guess where the mail spool was. :-(   I've unplugged a running Linux
box without that kind of damage!)

What I'd really like to see is Veritas' VFS ported to Linux - that's one
cool file system!  [Don't know why, but databases running under VFS
often run faster, which is kinda counterintuitive to me.]

-Adam Thompson

Michael Widenius wrote:
> >>>>> "Colin" == Colin McKinnon <colin@stripped> writes:
> Colin> Apparrently SGI are releasing the source code for a 64 bit journaling file
> Colin> system for Linux (which according to the article I read will work with a
> 32
> Colin> bit kernel). It is likely to be released as "Open Source" rather than GPL.
> Colin> Not sure where this leaves the JFS being developed by RedHat.
> Colin> Any comments re support in MySQL?
> Colin> Colin
> Hi!
> I talked with some SGI people at Linux EXPO about this, but I couldn't
> get it verified that they will really support bigger files than 2G on
> Intel-Linux.
> MySQL 3.23 has support for 63 bit files, so it will be able to use XFS
> efficiently!
> Regards,
> Monty
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