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From:Martin B. Jespersen Date:March 17 1999 1:05pm
Subject:configuration question
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I have a couple of questions:

I have a sun enterprise 250 with dual ultrasparc 250Mhz and 256MB ram,
I am running apache/php/mysql on it and i need to optimize the baby to run as
fast as possible.
I have compiled mysql with -static but i am not sure what options i should set
for mysqld

here is how my /etc/my.cnf looks:

set-variable = key_buffer=16M
set-variable = table_cache=128    
set-variable = sort_buffer=4M
set-variable = record_buffer=1M

I am in doubt if i should increase/decrease these numbers and how much.

The machine is to be used for nothing else but running the database and
webserver so it is ok to eat all the resources for this.

Since there is no boolean type in mysql i wonder what the best solution is;
using tinyint(1) or something else...

Is there any difference in tinyint(1) and int(1)?

The manual states that Tinyint goes from -127 to 128 or 0 to 255 if unsigned,
which looks alot like 8 bits to me, but when i create a tinyint row and don't
set length it defaults to length 4, so what is the length a number for? i
thought it was the bit length, but it doesn't seem so, since int defaults to
length 11 although it seems to handle 32 bit numbers.
I figure the length might be characters since -127 is 4 chars, but then default
length of unsigned tinyint should be one less than signed (e.g. 3), but it is

Is there anyway to set the bitlength of a record so you could create a flag with
the number of bits you need in that table?

Martin B. Jespersen
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