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From:Dave Date:May 28 1999 9:57pm
Subject:Double Comparison Questions
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Hi all,

I remember someone on this list mentioning a problem or potential problem
when comparing doubles or reals in a where or having clause.

I am doing a select like:

select sum(a.amount) as balance, c.cust_id, c.last, c.first
from customers c, main.ar_ledger a
    c.cust_id = a.cust_id &&
    trial != 1 &&
    status = 1 &&
    pay_method = 2
    group by a.cust_id
having balance > 0
order by c.last

This select INCLUDES rows wuith a balance of 0.00

In my amount field I am using a double(8,2) should I be using a decimal
type? or does that even matter? I have got around the problem for now by

having sign(balance) = 1 instead of having balance > 0

which just returns rows with a positive balance.

But it still bugs me....

Can anyone point me to about when that discussion was taking place on the
mail list and possibly a subject line that I may search for?

Also, is it recommended to use decimal as a type for real numbers? The only
use my application has for them is for monetary purposes (accounting) so if
decimal is the way to go then I will switch, providing alter table will not
trash my existing values..

Any help is greatly appreciated


Double Comparison QuestionsDave29 May
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