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From:Charles Kirby Date:May 28 1999 8:18pm
Subject:Re: Deletions with Index Present
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Thanks for the help Christian!  You're an enormous help to all of us!

On Fri, 28 May 1999, Christian Mack wrote:

> Charles Kirby wrote:
> > 
> > Hi folks:
> > I have a table with INDEX username (user_name(10)), and plan to add as
> > many as 50,000 records a day (pretty slow going, this).  In order not to
> > keep too much data, I plan to delete records once they've been around for
> > a month (this means I have to do "flush tables" after the deletions).
> > 
> > My question: since there's a load on the system to maintain the INDEX, I'm
> > wondering if there's any kind of residual (accumulating) problem to be
> > expected.  Actually, this is probably taken care of by the "flush tables"
> > (or mysqladmin reload).  Anything to beware of here?
> > 
> > Thanks en avance,
> > ck
> Hi Charles
> I think you don't need 'flush tables' at all.
> This is only used before backups are started.
> The only problem that I can think of is, that if your table contains fields with
> variable lenth (VARCHAR, TEXT, BLOB...) you will get fragmented Table files.
> To prevent this, you can run isamchk on them (after stopping mysql) or (less optimal)
> use the SQL command:
> once in a while.
> Tschau
> Christian

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