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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 21 2000 5:17pm
Subject:Re: HELP, PLS: TEXT (BLOB) fields!
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At 5:18 PM +0300 2000-06-21, Vitaly Yermolenko wrote:
>I am terrible sorry again, but ...

MYISAM table types appeared in MySQL 3.23.  You can't use them
with MySQL 3.22.34.

Also, you can't index TEXT or BLOB column types until MySQL 3.23.

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>Subject: RE: HELP, PLS: TEXT (BLOB) fields!
>>  Only the MyISAM table type supports indexing on BLOB and TEXT columns.
>>  When putting an index on a BLOB or TEXT column you MUST always specify
>>  the length of the index:
>>  CREATE TABLE test (blob_col BLOB, index(blob_col(10)));
>... I am trying the next command and get the next result:
>mysql> CREATE TABLE test (
>     -> ID int not null auto_increment,
>     -> primary key (ID),
>     -> text_col text not null,
>     -> index(text_col(10))) TYPE = MYISAM;
>ERROR 1073: BLOB column 'text_col' can't be used in key specification with
>the used table type
>I use MySQL version - 3.22.34.
>How to create table with TEXT fields? Any help is welcome... Thanks!
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