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From:Sameer Siruguri Date:May 28 1999 6:01pm
Subject:Apache+mySql+php - undef sym in
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I am compiling the following combination:


on SunOS 5.5.1 (Sparc Ultra-1)

I configured php --without-libpam and --with-mysql. When I configure Apache
with the PHP module activated, I get "undefined symbol" loader errors, appended
to this mail. 

Where are these symbols defined? Does it have anything to do with the
non-availability of libpam.a on my system?

Thanks. Sam.

Undefined			first referenced
 symbol  			    in file
stat64                              /home/siruguri/pkgs/mysql/lib/mysql/
open64                              /home/siruguri/pkgs/mysql/lib/mysql/
readdir64                           /home/siruguri/pkgs/mysql/lib/mysql/
fopen64                             /home/siruguri/pkgs/mysql/lib/mysql/
lstat64                             /home/siruguri/pkgs/mysql/lib/mysql/
getpassphrase                       /home/siruguri/pkgs/mysql/lib/mysql/

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