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From:Sasha Pachev Date:May 28 1999 5:34pm
Subject:Re: Running MySQL under tcpserver/superv
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Robin Bowes wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> > Robin> Hi,
> > Robin> I wonder if anybody has tried running MySQL under
> > djb's tcpserver or
> > Robin> daemontools?  Is this sort of configuration supported?
> >
> > Robin> It would need a switch to prevent it from forking on
> > new connections -
> > Robin> new connections would be managed by tcpserver.  This
> > sort of behaviour
> > Robin> is exhibited by squid (the proxy cache); I am
> > suggesting that MySQL
> > Robin> should have a "-N" switch like squid!
> >
> > Why would you need this;  Persistent connections is client and not a
> > server problem.
> The problem is not about persistent connections.  tcpserver is basically
> a replacement for inetd.  ie it listens to a specified port and when a
> connection is received it launches an instance of the specified program.
>  In order for programs to work with tcpserver (or inetd for that matter)
> they must be able to operate in single connection mode, ie not
> automatically become a background daemon process.
> I'd like to run MySQL under tcpserver and, in order to achieve this, I
> would need some way to tell MySQL not to become a background process.
> Does that make sense?
> Hmmm, thinking about this a little further, I would imagine there would
> be locking problems if multiple instances of mysqld are running and
> connecting to the same databases?
> Perhaps it's not as straight-forward as I originally thought...
> What do you think?
> R.

Why do you want MySQL to run under tcpserver? What
benefits would it give you as opposed to the regular

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