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From:Robin Bowes Date:May 28 1999 5:31pm
Subject:RE: Running MySQL under tcpserver/superv
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Hi Michael,

> Robin> Hi,
> Robin> I wonder if anybody has tried running MySQL under
> djb's tcpserver or
> Robin> daemontools?  Is this sort of configuration supported?
> Robin> It would need a switch to prevent it from forking on
> new connections -
> Robin> new connections would be managed by tcpserver.  This
> sort of behaviour
> Robin> is exhibited by squid (the proxy cache); I am
> suggesting that MySQL
> Robin> should have a "-N" switch like squid!
> Why would you need this;  Persistent connections is client and not a
> server problem.

The problem is not about persistent connections.  tcpserver is basically   
a replacement for inetd.  ie it listens to a specified port and when a   
connection is received it launches an instance of the specified program.   
 In order for programs to work with tcpserver (or inetd for that matter)   
they must be able to operate in single connection mode, ie not   
automatically become a background daemon process.

I'd like to run MySQL under tcpserver and, in order to achieve this, I   
would need some way to tell MySQL not to become a background process.

Does that make sense?

Hmmm, thinking about this a little further, I would imagine there would   
be locking problems if multiple instances of mysqld are running and   
connecting to the same databases?

Perhaps it's not as straight-forward as I originally thought...

What do you think?

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