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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 25 1999 7:24am
Subject:RE: Hm... why?
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Smith <pjsmith@stripped> writes:

Paul> I just tried adding a field to a table using the alter table method. The
Paul> table had just over 10,000 records in it.  It reported after a few seconds
Paul> that it could'nt rename the table and stopped.  The original table had been
Paul> deleted!  All the data was gone!

Paul> I've had a few things like this happen.  Does this happen with all SQL
Paul> servers, or is MySQL not quite a 'debugged' as the commercial varaeties?

Paul> Regards, Paul (beginner!)

Mark> Another thing, what happens when a alter table xx drop key zz query is
Mark> interrupted and not completed?

Paul> You will have your original table intact.
Paul> (ALTER TABLE does it work on a temporary table)

Paul> Regards,
Paul> Monty


Please repost with mysqlbug or at least post some information about
what MySQL version and OS you are using and exactly what error message
you got!  We have really tried to make ALTER TABLE really safe under
all conditions so we need more information to know what could have
gone wrong.   The only MySQL version I know of that may have this
problem is the MySQL-Win32 shareware version when the table is in use
by another thread, but this fixed in the registered version.

Alter table doesn't remove the original table until it's 100 % sure
that it has been able to copy the table;  If there is some bug, then
in the worst case your old should still exists, but renamed as B-####
something.  You can get your old data back by just renaming the .frm,
.ISM and .ISD file back to their original names.

MySQL is usually very reliable and we are constantinly working on
making it even better;  We don't think that MySQL has more bugs than
any of the other SQL servers on the market;  All SQL servers has some 
problem in some areas;  The difference is that we try to fix any bugs
really fast!   The only thing we require to do this is a good bug


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