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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 25 1999 8:26am
Subject:Lots of Help Please
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>>>>> "sean" == sean  <sean@stripped> writes:

sean> Hello All,
sean> I am having a ton of problems and I hope someone here can help me.

sean> First. I am new to mysql so bear with me.

sean> My web server host is cihost running on Red Hat Linux 4.2, 
sean> Server Software Apache 1.3.4,
sean> mySQL 3.22.
sean>     I had them set up a database on their server to use. I installed the
sean> myodbc driver and tried to connect and it failed. I contacted my host about
sean> my problems. They stated that they did not allow remote access to the sql
sean> server. They than told be that there was no ODBC support and I would have
sean> to move to an NT server( of course doubling my fees ).

To get ODBC support, they only have to open the TCP/IP port of the
MySQL server to the outside world;  This should be VERY easy for them
to do and should not require them to move MySQL to a NT server.  Are
you sure they understand that you don't need to have ODBC on their
Linux machine to allow one to connect to the machine with ODBC?


sean> When I try to use LOAD DATA INFILE 'RWTest.txt' INTO TABLE testaa
sean>            FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' ENCLOSED BY '"'
sean>            LINES TERMINATED BY '\n';
sean> I get an error that ./test/RWTest.txt does not exist.

sean> I do not have root access to the server and infact I am unable to even
sean> telnet directly to the mysql server( I have been set up as Local Host
sean> through a UNIX socket). I can only load the files into my virtural server (
sean> ) directories. How can I use this command?
sean> The other concern is when trying to export the data it saves the file to
sean> the mysql server and I can't get it to save it to my directory. 

To get the above to work, you must supply the FULL path to the file
name and it must be readable to all.



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