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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 25 1999 10:57am
Subject:Running MySQL under tcpserver/supervise
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>>>>> "Robin" == Robin Bowes <robin.bowes@stripped> writes:

Robin> Hi,
Robin> I wonder if anybody has tried running MySQL under djb's tcpserver or
Robin> daemontools?  Is this sort of configuration supported?

Robin> It would need a switch to prevent it from forking on new connections -
Robin> new connections would be managed by tcpserver.  This sort of behaviour
Robin> is exhibited by squid (the proxy cache); I am suggesting that MySQL
Robin> should have a "-N" switch like squid!

Why would you need this;  Persistent connections is client and not a
server problem.

Robin> I've just looked at the source and it would appear that MySQL will
Robin> respond to a SIGTERM by shutting down gracefully, ie it seems that
Robin> "mysqladmin shutdown" simply sends a SIGTERM to mysqld.  Can someone
Robin> please confirm that I've read this correctly?

Yes, you are correct about this.

Robin> Thanks,
Robin> R.


PS:  Sorry for the late reply;  Until 1999-06-01 (when we come back
     from USA), my replies may be a bit delayed.
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