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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 15 2000 5:30pm
Subject:Re: converting isam to myisam
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At 5:59 PM +0100 2000-06-15, Geoff Beaumont wrote:
>Is there any way of converting an entire database from isam to myisam
>tables, other than changing each table individually?
>I've tried giving wildcards to the alter table command, but it just returns
>syntax errors.
>System is:
>MySQL 3.23.18-alpha

Under UNIX, you could do this:

mysql -e "show tables" --skip-column-names -s db_name \
     | sed 's/.*/ALTER TABLE & TYPE=MYISAM;/' > junk

That gives you a file of ALTER TABLE commands that you can
feed into mysql to execute (after you check it to make sure
it looks like what you want):

mysql db_name < junk

Does Windows have something like the sed (stream editor)
command you can use?

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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