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From:JF Prieur Date:June 14 2000 10:55pm
Subject:Re: Increasing Max connections
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I have also been looking for suggested optimizations for MySQL under
WinNT4/SP6a running on a dual P2/450 box with 256MB of RAM and 4*9GB Ultra
SCSI drives but I can't seem to find anything. Any starting suggestions
would be welcome.

JF Prieur
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Subject: Increasing Max connections

How many people have had to increase there max number of connections for
MySQL?  I have a pretty nice web server.  Dual Pentium III 600's, 512 megs
of ram. etc etc.  What are some suggested performance tuning options that
will help MySQL?  I am pretty concerned with here people about raising the
connections.  Also, is there a way of increasing the amount of connections
without using a my.cnf or my.ini?  Are the options in the example.cnf the
same as the default variables of MySQL when used with out the cnf?


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