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From:Sasha Pachev Date:May 27 1999 4:50pm
Subject:Re: Database Structure Question
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Chris wrote:
> Hello, everyone.  Well, this is my first post, so I hope my question is
> relevant to the list.  My main question is on the practicality of a database
> structure that I plan to implement.  I am totally new to SQL and databases
> in general, so forgive any glaring ignorance that I might display.
> First, a little background.  I am planning on implementing a site for a
> small college radio station that is centered around a database of our CD
> (and other media) library.  I plan to implement an endless array of
> search, poll, request, comment, and other such features (one I learn how to
> code them, of course), but before I do any of that, I want to establish a
> format for my databse.
> I am using php3+MySQL+Apache+Linux for my development platform, BTW.
> Anyway, here's a rough idea of what I plan to do with the database.  In one
> table, I'll have entries that consist of a given piece of media's artist,
> album name, record label, genre, type of media and an ID number of some
> sort.  In another table, I'd like to have the ID number of the media along
> with a short description, track listing, and possibly rating and comment
> fields.  I might also add ID numbers to the track listings.  Would this
> format
> be easily searchable for any/all of the fields?  Does anyone have any
> optimization hints for such a database?  What would be the easiest way to
> create the ID/track listing table(s)?  Since there would be a varying number
> of tracks, it would be nice to have a dynamically sized space for those...
> I'm sure I sound like a total newbie (mainly because I am ;-)), but I've got
> to learn some time, right?  Thanks in advance!
> -Chris

A few suggestions:

1. For a few days forget this project
2. Write some simple application with MySQL-Apache-PHP
like a phone book
3. Make it a little more complex
4. Return to the original problem. You will not be a
complete newbie anymore, and you will probably find a
reasonably easy solution to the problem.

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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