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From:Sasha Pachev Date:May 27 1999 4:25pm
Subject:Re: Web application benchmark results
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> Comparing executing a binary from the filesystem via the cgi to
> PHP and SSI is mixing apples with oranges.
> In order to compare PHP with C or perl, you need to be using C
> or perl in a context like mod_perl or in C, using the apache API.
> I'll bet that if you wrote a C program which prints hello world
> and build it into apache using the api it would be even faster
> than static html!
> With mod_perl and jserv, programs/interpreters are no longer called
> from the filesystem with each program execution. Basically they are
> "pulled into" the web server once and run after in the web server's
> memory space. I like mod_perl because it has all the power of perl
> and it is very fast. If you are still using CGI to run programs and
> you are looking for great increases in speed you might want to look
> at mod_perl or jserv (java).
> Mark

As I mentioned in the message, the purpose of the test
was to see who  can get to the starting line faster and
by how much. The amount of time it takes to actually
print Hello, world is so small you can consider it 0.
However, getting to the start overhead could be very
important in a high traffic server.  

The actual application performance is a subject of
another benchmark I will try in the near future. This is
a little more tedious job, as you would actually have to
write an application that does something in 5+ diffrent
languages and make sure that it is done fairly without
optimizing to much in one and not optimizing at all in

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