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From:Colin McKinnon Date:May 27 1999 2:23pm
Subject:Re: ODBC in WIN 3.11
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At 10:09 26/05/99 -0600, Sasha Pachev <sasha@stripped> wrote:
>Albert Busoms wrote:
>> this. Can I install drivers OBDC for Windows 3.11?
>I have never heard of an ODBC driver for Win 3.x, I
>think it is not available although I could be wrong. In
>any case, what is it that you are doing that needs an
>ODBC driver? There is probably a way to avoid the need.
>You can make your application web-based, or if it
>absolutely has to be a desktop app, one solution could
>be to write a mini query server that will in turn talk
>to MySQL and return you the results. Then you can talk
>to it from your Win 3.x app.

There *IS* a 16 bit driver out there - I posted the URL some time back -
check the archive. I would agree that jdbc / web hosting might be less
effort in the long run tho.


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