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From:Van Date:May 27 1999 12:29pm
Subject:Re: Corrupted database - SOS
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Michal Ludvig wrote:
> Hello,
> One of my tables in MySQL database is corrupted and even isamchk cannot
> repair it.
> I have a table with an  UNIQUE field (say ip). Unfortunately index file
> ahs corrupted and MySQL allowed me to write one ip more than once. (at
> least I think that is the problem).
> When I tried to repair ISM file using isamchk (isamchk -r, isamchk -o, ...
> all of the possibilities from MySQL documentation, including DELETE FROM &
> isamchk -r -q), it always fails with:
> /home/mysql/dcip# isamchk -r -q ip_tbl
> - check delete-chain
> - recovering ISAM-table 'ip_tbl.ISM'
> Data records: 0
> - Fixing index 1
> - Fixing index 2
> - Fixing index 3
> isamchk: warning: Dupplicate key for record at  102626864 against record at  
> 88507329
> Quick-recover aborted; Run recovery without switch 'q' or with switch -qq
> ISAM-table 'ip_tbl' is not fixed because of errors
> /home/mysql/dcip#
> With other switches it fails with other messages.
> Do you have any idea how to fix it? Or how to extract data from ISD
> without running MySQL (mysqldump gives me only about 30.000 records while
> the table contains more than 1.700.000 rows.
> Thanks
> Michal Ludvig
Did you try isamchk -e?  Also, might want to look in the documentation
for the 4-step difficult repair steps.  I've done it myself, but not
since 3.21.16, so, I wouldn't want to misdirect you.  
Lastly, if you log, you can probably recover it by parsing through the
log file.  I've done that a couple times.
Best of luck,
Linux rocks!!!
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