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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 27 1999 11:49am
Subject:Re: Problem with CREATE TABLE
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At 8:57 AM +0000 5/27/1999, Sandrine C. wrote:
>YHello, me again !
>I send a message this mornig telling i had problem inserting the 11th item
>in a table.
>the answer was because my autoincrement field was a varchar. so i changed it
>with a BIGINT.. but now I have error, and dont see what s awrong with my
>syntax. i have the myql manual in front of me, and really, i  dont see
>anythg wrong... SO IF YOU HAVE BETTER EYES TAHN I !!
>here is the table i want to creat and the error message
>mysql> CREATE TABLE organisme (
>    ->         OR_Code                 BIGINT(8) ZEROFILL PRIMARY KEY
>    ->         OR_Raison               VARCHAR(40) UNIQUE NOT NULL,
>    ->         OR_Libelle              VARCHAR(50),
>    ->         AD_Adresse              BIGINT(8) ZEROFILL,
>    ->         OR_Statut               ENUM('', 'Prive', 'Public'),
>    ->         OR_Implementation       ENUM('', 'Nationale', 'Regionale',
>    ->         CO_Directeur            BIGINT(8) ZEROFILL,
>    ->         CO_InterlPrinc          BIGINT(8) ZEROFILL,
>    ->         OR_Etat                 ENUM ('Actif', 'Inactif', 'En
>Attente') NOT NULL,
>    ->         OR_DateMAJ              DATE NOT NULL,
>    ->         INDEX OR_index          (OR_Code, OR_Etat, OR_Raison,
>OR_DateMAJ) );
>ERROR 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'UNIQUE NOT NULL,
>        OR_Libelle              VARCHAR(50),
>        AD_Adresse' at line 3

UNIQUE should follow NOT NULL, not precede it.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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