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From:James Rogers Date:May 27 1999 5:33am
Subject:Re: Embedded select
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On a higher level, why doesn't MySQL support select operands i.e. nested
selects/subqueries?  Given a well-designed basic SQL parser, it is trivial
to add this feature (shouldn't take more than a day or so).  While I
haven't delved into the parsing code for MySQL, I *have* written SQL
parsers in the past and am familiar with the issues.


-James Rogers

At 07:23 AM 5/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
>> I try to do an embedded selct that doesnt work
>> here ar emy tabels and the syntax I am using. Can anybody see what's wrong 
>> with it?
>Hi Sandrine, MySQL doesn't support nested selects at this time.
>> select * from produit where
>>   (OR_Code = ('select * from organisme where OR_Raison='CAFAL' '));

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