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From:<kellijamus Date:May 25 1999 6:12pm
Subject:Bulk Email Construction Kit CD-ROM - Promote your own web site with legal bulk email
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RE: Learn how to send your own bulk email in 7 days system on a 

Dear Webmaster,

As a fellow webmaster, I will tell you something you already 
know. More traffic means more money.

I have tried all of the banner trade programs, purchased the $119 
"Secrets of the Search Engines" book, posted to news groups, used 
the web page submission software and traded links. 

But nothing, I mean nothing compares to the effectiveness of 
using bulk email to promote your web site.

A last year I paid a guy $850 a week to send out a million email 
messages each week promoting my web site. Soon he was sending out 
1 to 2 million messages a week for me. My web site income went 
from about $4,000 a month to over $20,000 per month after 
promoting it with bulk email.

Now you can send your own bulk email. The author of "The Bulk 
Email Construction Kit" is a web master and has lots of 
experience promoting his web site with bulk email. The author of 
this CD-ROM uses the same software and techniques that he writes 
about on this "how to" CD-ROM.

There is simply no other Internet marketing technique that is 
more cost effective than bulk email.

This software contains the complete instructions and the software 
that you need to do your own bulk email. The author tells you 
things that the bulk email software sales people don't. What they 
don't tell you is about the downside or negative aspects from 
doing bulk email. The author feels that the profits greatly 
outweigh the annoyances of loosing your ISP once every 7 to 45 

Some bulk email software sales people will tell you that you can 
send out 350,000 email messages per hour with their software. 
Don't believe that. You are more likely going to get between 
10,000 - 60,000 per day. 

Some will say, that with their software, you will never be found 
by the anti-spammers and your ISP dial up account will never get 
canceled. Don't believe it. There are people on the net who can 
trace anything you email regardless of how you try to cloak it.

On our CD-ROM we show you how to do responsible bulk email which 
is totally legal. We advocate paying for all services.  The 
author tells you never to cloak your headers, never to relay and 
always use a good national remove list and process everyone of 
your remove request.

Following responsible bulk email practices is the only way to 
profitably use bulk email year after year to promote your product 
or service.

All of the software on this CD-ROM is the software we use to 
successfully promote our web site. The DirectMail software 
program comes with a ten day free trial as does some of the other 
software. You can try this out to see if it works for you.

In addition, we will sign a contract with individuals to do bulk 
email for us and pay you $6 per order you generate for our 
popular review service.

Contents of CD-ROM

Chapter  1 - Internet Marketing Techniques 
                   What Really Works 

Chapter  2 - Trying Bulk Email Without Guidance
                   Bulk Email Myths & Facts
                  Ten day free trial

Chapter  3 - Contents of this CD-ROM
                   Directory Layout of CD-ROM

Chapter  4 - The Bulk Email Process Overview

Chapter  5 - Installing the Software
                  Connection Keeper

Chapter  6 - Finding ISP Dial Up Accounts

Chapter  7 - Setting up Free Email Accounts

Chapter  8 - Running the DirectMail Program

Chapter  9 - Managing the Results

Chapter 10 - How You Get Paid


Sample copy of our Email Newsletter we send via bulk email.
Sample copy of our reply to all request for more information.

The CD-ROM cost $79. If you are satisfied with the results 
produced from your 10 day free trial using our offer or your 
offer, you can purchase the DirectMail software for $395. Later 
you will probably wish to purchase some other list & reply 
management utilities to make your work easier. Your total 
investment will be less than $750. We only recommend the software 
that we know works. We have used about every bulk email software 
package on the market including some that cost $2,500 but we 
still recommend and use daily DirectMail that cost $395.

If you are ordering this CD-ROM, please reply to this email with 
the BULK EMAIL CONSTRUCTION KIT CD in the message subject line. 
Send to kellijamus@stripped

We also have a new CD-ROM titled "The Adult Web Site Construction 
Kit".  This CD-ROM contains the step by step instructions and 
sources to create your won profitable web site in 7 days. It also 
includes the bulk email construction kit to help you promote your 
new adult web site. For information reply to this email message 

If you cannot reply to this email message, then send a SASE to 
iNet Reviews, 6050 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 240-238, Norcross, GA 

Bulk Email Construction Kit CD-ROM - Promote your own web site with legal bulk emailkellijamus27 May