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From:Steve Edberg Date:June 9 2000 11:59am
Subject:Re: Data entry... dBase IV users?
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At 10:13 PM -0400 6/8/00, Kevin Speaks wrote:
>Are there any MySQL experts out there that have any experience with
>dBase IV?
>To edit data, I type in
> >From there, I can change existing data and add new data.  How is this
>done with MySQL?

Yep, I used to use dBase IV (and Db 5, 3, 2, Vulcan, and all the way 
back to JPLDIS...). As I recall, the BROWSE command allowed you to 
scroll back and forth through records, re-sort them, and 
edit/delete/add records.

There is no tool that I'm aware of that is an exact analogue to 
BROWSE - certainly not in the commandline client 'mysql' - but 

) looks like it comes pretty close. For web-based use, phpmyadmin is 
pretty versatile. There's also some Java front-ends which are listed, 
along with phpmyadmin, at

You could also use a desktop database like MS-Access as a front-end, 
connecting via ODBC. There have been some problems reported on the 
list with this, mostly with Access2000 (I gather).

You might even be able to use dBase still; see It's now produced by KSoft, and is up to 
version looks like you'd need the "Pro" version for ODBC 

What kind of platform are you on?

	- steve

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