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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:June 9 2000 8:32am
Subject:BUFFERING load data local
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  Today,  when we do a "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ..." the table in which
  the data are loaded is locked while the data are transferred between
  the client and the server.

  This is really bad for Mysql performances especially when the client
  is far away from the server (with slow connection) !

  A  good  improvement would be to buffer the data on the server while
  receiving  from  the  client and to lock/load the data only when all
  the data have been transferred.

  The  buffer  could be in memory or in a temporary file and the could
  be an option which would limit the size of this buffer.

  I think this would really be an improvement. Monty already took care
  of  my previous request when I ask not to lock table while sending a
  query  result  to  a  client  (the SQL_BUFFER_RESULT option was then
  added) and I think this new request is of interest too.


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