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From:Christian Mack Date:May 26 1999 11:03am
Subject:Re: mysql
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Slavko Blazevic wrote:
> Hello!
> I work width mysql and php3 and in some strange way I lost my data im most
> of columns by using alter table syntax.
> I had 2000 rows im my table and now I am tryng to imoport all data from a
> file to my table by using syntax.
> LOAD DATA INFILE './textfile.txt' into table table_name.
> I made a test table and a test file with only one row
> insert into table_name(col_namn1, col_namn2) values('test1','test2');
> When I use comand LOAD DATA INFILE ....
> I get message that 1 row is affected, 0 rows deleted and 2 warnings.
> When I check data from table there is:
> col_namn1         col_namn2
> insert into       Null
> That is the result I get from select * from table_name;
> What am I doing wrong?
> slavko_b@stripped;

Hi Slavko

Because you use SQL statements in your textfile, you have to use:
mysql yourdatabase < textfile.txt


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